School Development

The World is changing everyday and it is important that you should keep pace with it. Therefore many plans were made for the development of the school. A face lift was given to the area occupied by the administrative staff. It now includes many facilities and large air conditioned conference room. Together with this, the areawith Summer hut that housed the Carnetic music room and store room has now been converted to a modern four storied building with the vice-principal's office, record room, orchestra room, Dreama and art room, spacious class rooms wash rooms and hall with state-of-the-art facilities. Comming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success. The building hs also increased the spirit of working together with connecting pathways fro one building to another. We also created a beautiful green environment with in the concrete structure.
The building was opened by Rev Sr.Geethani Mallawaarachchi on the 27 th of June and blessed by Fr.Kalana Pieris

Face Lift


Conference Room


New Building


Water system


Green Area



We have moved in to phase 1 of our auditorium project. This structure will be of immence value to our students especially in the field of sport and performing art. I believe that this step taken in the direction of school development will be of great value to the present as well as the future Shepherdians